What APK Means?

If you heard about Mobile Apps and Mobile Games, definitely might know about APK s. But what is APK? It stands for Android Package File. APK is a package file format that develops for Android OS. It is not only for the Android OS. You can see it in other Android-based operating Systems as well. We mainly use APK files for the installation of mobile apps. Not only mobile apps. It is using for mobile games, middleware, etc. APK is very similar to the MSI package in Windows and Deb package in Ubuntu. The APK is the only format that is using by Android devices to install any software.

 Zip Format is the way of saving the APK s. People are allowed to give any name they like for the APK file. The extension of the file must end with “.APK”. You cannot always see these APK files due to App installation are handled by Android in the background via Google Play Store or any platform. Do you know what includes in an APK file? You have the ability to find all the codes of the program, manifest files, resources, etc. Shortly, the APK file provides you all the elements which an app needs to install successfully on the device.

Now APK is very famous all over the world. And especially, it is popular among Android users. With the help of APK s, you can install apps even not available in Google Play Store as well. So you can experience the new apps before they release on Google Play Store. The most important benefit of APK files is, if you installed APK files you have the chance to get the experience of new updates and new features of Apps early. It will be happiest for you because some updates get more time to hand over the new features to you. And APK files provide you the ability to use the leaked apps.

As an IT student, I used APK files when we were doing App development. Actually, in this period we could not work without APK files. It was a more beneficial thing as App developers. But I have some facts which you must pay attention to when you use APK files. Because as in everything, APK files also have two sides. It also has not only advantages. There are cons as well. But if you get the conclusion about APK, you can use them wisely and carefully.

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