Are you a battle game lover? How nice. This is the ideal place for you. Nowadays, most of the young generations like to play battle games. They love that feeling. PUBG Mobile is a battle Royale game that gives this feeling wonderfully. It is a multiplayer game made for mobile phones. PUBG Mobile was released in 2018. From then to now it was spread all over the world. Now it is in the top rung of the ladder of popularity. Over one billion players are the best evidence for that. 

How to play PUBG Mobile? 

When you start the game, hundreds of players arrive at the battleground to start an intense and enjoyable journey. All the players need to go forward till the ending by using the maximum potential of map terrain, vehicles, and other items. They are trying to keep their survival till the end of the game and finally stay at the battleground as the only team which was protected. 

There are different maps which you can choose in your battle such as Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar, and Civic, etc. In every battleground, you can create unique and own secret strategies to win the battles. When you play some games, you have to stay at a specific place or at a specific time. But PUBG allows you to play the game at any time anywhere. I still love the amazing HD graphics and 3D sounds of PUBG Mobile. The ability of voice chatting, having training modes, and the opportunity to use customizable mobile controls are the other main features given by PUBG Mobile for the players. 

Some people choose this game because it has depth, and it keeps variety too. And do you like to have a monotonous lifestyle? I know all of you like diversity. In gaming world is the same as well. PUBG is always updating with new modes and game features. So you can play PUBG Mobile without uniformity. And fair gaming environment is another most important thing in a game. PUBG anti-cheating mechanisms are very talented to catch the violators of the rules. 

Can you play PUBG offline?

No. You cannot play it offline, and you should have more than 400 MB to play PUBG.


Is PUBG a free game?

Why not? PUBG is completely free for Android and iOS users. But if you play this game on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, or Xbox One, you have to pay to play the game.

Is PUBG Mobile available in any country all over the world?

PUBG is very famous. It has a big crowd around it. But in India, Korea, China, Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Israel, Nepal, and Iraq, PUBG is banned. You cannot find this royal game in these countries. 

As a game lover, I played PUBG without any restriction, and I can recommend that it will be a great experience for all of you as well. Just have a try on PUBG Mobile. Then you will never skip it.

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