How APK is Generated & Works

Are you a person who works with Android apps and APK files? According to my opinion, I think that you should know “How APK is generated and Works?”.

You can write and generate an APK file easily, by the below steps.

 1. First, you have to make sure that your prepared code is for the Google Play Store.

 2. Go to the Main Menu of Android Studio.

 3. Choose to build and then click on generate signed APK. (Here, you have a drop-down list to select modules.)

 4. Click on Next.

 5. Tap on Create New.

 6. Here, you can choose a location and a name for the key store.

 7. Enter the Password and confirm them. And don’t forget to make a strong password, and you have to remember these passwords because you need this password when you sign in to another app.

 8. In the Alias field, you have to type a name. (It can be any string. You should give a creative one. Remember to avoid punctuation marks and blank spaces. If this Alias is the second one, you have to give a different one from the first Alias’s name.)

 9. Then accept the validity period. The default validity period is 25 years. As an example, if you create a key in 2010, it will be expired in 2035.

 10. And don’t forget to fill at least one field in the certificate section.

 11. Click on the OK button

 12. Click on Next.

13. Finally, finish it.

Then you can see the created APK through Android Studio.

You create an APK file you can use it anywhere. This APK is included all the resources and contents which you need to install an app.

How does it work?

Now you can take this created APK file that you need to install and put it into the Tools’ folder in the SDK directory. While your AVD is running, use the command prompt. And you should add the app you need to your virtual device’s app list.

As an IT student, it’s really valuable to me this knowledge. I think it is not enough knowledge about what is an APK, how to install them, and the surrounding. I think we should have the core of the APK s such as from creating APK s to using APK s including the background. Then only we can get the best advantage of it. If you know how to generate an APK file, you can use it when you are struggling with some errors or in any trouble. Then you can create them again and again in many ways and check where the mistake is. You can have this knowledge here, and it will be a great offer to you.

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