How APK Download & Install

You can install the APKs on Android devices or computers as your preference.

If you want to install the APKs on your Android device, you can do it directly through a browser. You should follow the below steps.

Steps for the installation of APKs on Android device

1. First, open the browser.

 2. Find the APK.

 3. Then click on APK.

 4. Now it shows that it is downloading.

 5. After download, open “Downloads” and click on the APK.

 6. After prompt, click on “YES”

 7. Then, it will install on the device simply.

 If you need to install the APK on pc, follow these few steps.

Steps for installation of APKs on PC

1. You should get the correct APK and search online as the initial step.

 2. Choose the location on pc like a desktop.

 3. Then click on the download file and click “YES” when it is prompted.

Installation of APKs on Windows 10

There are so many ways to install APKs on Windows 10. For that, you have tools. Blue Stacks is one emulator which you are allowed to install APKs. And you should run them via the ARC Welder app that is on Google chrome. Otherwise, you can use a PC port.

Installation of APKs on iPhone

Some people may tell you that you cannot install APKs on your iPhone. But another one may say that it is false. This is the most beneficial fact for you. You cannot install APKs on iPhone directly. But it allows you to do this task with the help of technology. The only way you have to install apps on iPhone is by having an Android emulator app on iPhone. Blue Stacks and iAndriod are the most popular emulators.

Also iOS should have some basic system requirements to run Android. They are,

 1. Should have a 64-bit processor.

 2. An updated SDK manager.

 3. Preinstalled Cydia.

 If your iOS device has the above basic requirements,

 1. Click on the option “Manage” in Cydia.

 2. Then it will show three options called a package, sources, and Storage. Among them choose Sources.

 3. Find http// and add this to iOS.

 4. Then you can see an app. Find iAndroid.

 5. Finally, install it, start using the android app.

If there is no need for Android services, just uninstall this.

By following the above steps install APKs on different devices, different OSs. According to the requirements, you can choose and follow the steps.

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