Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Among the game lovers, thousands of people are battle game lovers. Why they are mostly searching for battle games? I think the reason for that is in battle games there are fights, escaping from enemies, curiosity, and more. It is very interesting for the players. When we are talking about the topic of Best battle games, we cannot miss that amazing game Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is the best battle game which is for both Android and iOS which we knew as “Free Fire” and “Free Fire Battlegrounds” as well. 111 Dots is the developer of Garena Free Fire and its publisher is Garena. There is no doubt about the popularity of Garena Free Fire. In 2019, it won the award as the “Best Popular Vote Game”. Then in 2020, globally it passed 80 million daily players.

How to play Garena Free Fire?

When you start the game, you will get into a plane. It flies around the island. While you are flying you can get off from the plane to the island anywhere you need. It will help you to find safety place where you can stay away from your enemies. After you land on the island, you should go to search for weapons, guns, and other utility equipment.

Garena Free Fire provides you all the weapons within the island such as grenades, weapons in many sizes, and medical equipment too. With the help of all these things, you can go forward without any fear. And what is the final target of the players of Garena Free Fire? Surviving on the island with 50 or 51 players and ensuring that you are the only players remaining on the island is the goal of Garena Free Fire. For that, you have to fight against all the enemies. And the most special thing which you should remember is, the safety areas you have throughout the game are decreased gradually when time goes.

Garena Free Fire

 What are the best updates of Garena Free Fire?

07th December 2020 Update: Introduced new more guns. It would be the reason for so many changes in Garena Free Fire.

14th April 2021 Update: Introduced a new weapon called Kord and a new map.

Can you play Garena Free Fire on iOS, Android, Windows PC or laptop, and Mac?

Actually, you have the ability to play Garena Free Fire on Android and iOS only. But it doesn’t tell that you cannot play it on your pc or Mac. You all know Android emulators. So why are you worrying about this? Just try it with emulators.

Garena Free Fire gives you these types of nice features. All these are the pros of this amazing game. The only con I found in Free Fire is it has some bad reviews on its graphics. But it a wonderful game can introduce you by the experience of mine. Just try one time. You will play it daily and maybe an addict too.

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