Are APK Files are Safe?

When you buy a new product, you should check that it is safe and reliable. We are doing this in our day-to-day life. As we know, there is nothing without having both advantages and disadvantages. So in this case also you have both pros and cons. APK is much important thing for all of us. But you must be careful when you are using APK s. Why should we care?

When you are installing APK s on the device, sometimes it can be a dangerous security threat. But do you know how it can happen? Some malicious persons may change the APKs before the installation. Then it may be used as a Trojan horse. So you should ensure the safety of the site you use. If not it may damage the whole system just in a second.

Google Play is the safest solution for Android users when downloading apps.

Are APK Files are Legal?

When you search apps in the app store, be careful to check whether the app is free or costs some money. If it charges money, this one is illegal. If the app is with a free license it is a legal one.

Installing APKs on devices is a little risky. But you can be secure by following some checking procedures. If you have the ability to check the APK files before the installation whether it is safe or not, it will be great pros for you. Here we provide you APK file checking methods below.

How to Check an APK file’s Safety 

 1. Virus Total: Best methods which we are allowed to check the reliability of an APK. It can detect any issue in APKs. It includes viruses as well. But it doesn’t allow files which size is above 128 MB. But today, a lot of APK files of games are above 128 MB. So for that purpose, you must move to another option. Anyway, Virus Total is the best for the small-sized ones.

 2. Hash Droid: The best way to check the security of an APK. Here, it checks the hash in the files. SHA gets as a fingerprint. We can decide that the app is not safe if the fingerprint was not matched.

 3. Viso APKScan: This is the most important method. You may catch the definition from the name. You realize that it is an APK Scanning method. This will give you a report about your APK. The most valuable thing is, this is a fast way. It is user-friendly as well.

APKs are more beneficial. But it has a percentage of risk. So you have to be careful and follow the safety methods.

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