Among Us

Among Us

Are you a game lover? If your answer is YES, definitely you all heard Among Us. Among Us is a social deduction game. And I can introduce this game as an online multiplayer as well. An American game studio “Innersloth” is the developer and the publisher of Among Us. At the initial stage, it is supported for iOS, and Android devices only. But after few months, it was released for Windows also. This beautiful game is popular among game lovers because it is a game that is designed based on a space theme. You can see two roles here. One is crewmates, and another one is impostors. You can choose one of them and play.

Identifying impostors, eliminating impostors, and completing all the tasks around the map are the main targets of Crewmates. When they try to complete these tasks and reach their target, Impostors are secretly trying to disturb the Crewmate’s tasks before they complete them. If you feel any player is an impostor you can suspend this player by using a plurality vote. For that players can call an emergency meeting or report a dead body.

How the Crewmates can win Among Us?

If Crewmates finish all the tasks and eliminate all the impostors, they can celebrate the happiness of victory.

How the Impostors can win Among Us?

Impostors can win the game when the numbers of impostors and crewmates become equal or in a critical situation of sabotage which cannot find a solution.

How to play Among Us?

It allows you to play four to ten players. And three players are selected randomly, and they should be impostors. At the start, a list of tasks is given to the Crewmates, which they should complete under many troubles. And the impostors have a fake list of tasks. But it is too difficult to save from the impostors. However, they sabotage the Crewmate’s target by going through vents and keeping the connection between other impostors. And do you know the best and most interesting part of this game?

If a player died, he can be a ghost, and we all know ghosts can do lots of things that human beings cannot do. They can go through walls, and they don’t have limits. So the ghosts can help their living teammates to win this game. I also like Among Us because of this nice feature. From that, you can get horror feelings too.

Among us

Among Us did not get more popularity in the initial stage. According to my researches, COVID19 is also a major reason for the popularity of this game among the young crowd. In the past, it did not have positive reviews because of the technical issue it had. But day by day, it touched the game lover’s heart. As a result of this popularity, Among Us2 was released in 2020.

 If you are an Android or iOS user, you do not need to pay any fee to play Among Us. But you should pay $5 for this game on a PC.

This is how Among Us game treats you and how they offer their features. Join with Among Us community and enjoy your leisure time.

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